Do You Know Where Your Hair Extensions Come From???

Many of you may have seen the post of the woman in Kenya who suffered an unfortunate incident involving extensions that she purchased and installed a Salon. After suffering from unbearable headaches the woman visited her doctor who informed her that she had flesh-eating maggots borrowing into her skin and these maggots are particularly found on corpses. The salon manager was both shocked and horrified by the allegations especially due to the fact that over 150 pieces were sold from the same batch in less than 2 months.

With all that said the most shocking part of this report is that the salon imports their hair extensions from suppliers in the UK, US and India. This mostly concerns me because these unethical suppliers are in our own backyard.

Violet Jay’s philosophies are deeply embedded in the foundations of this new business.

Violet Jay will provide an in depth knowledge of the quality products sourced ethically from the country of origin, will aim to create a long lasting satisfaction from the donors, suppliers and customers and will continuously question the origin of the products purchased for authenticity.

How will we do it?

1. By having a transparent supply chain. You will know exactly where Violet Jay sources its products.
2. By setting an example for fair-trade in the hair and beauty industry.
3. By only having dealings with businesses that share the same ethical values.

Keep an eye on this page for the launch of the Violet Jay youtube channel and the Violet Jay website…..


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