What is Entrepreneurship really about?

There are many reasons why some individuals are attracted to becoming an entrepreneur. To be their own boss, the freedom to make their own decisions, take time off when they please and make as much money as they want. But what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? Do you just have to start a business? It can’t just be a bed of roses, can it?


The Facts about Entrepreneurship


  • Entrepreneurs don’t just start-up businesses.

Entrepreneurs don’t just start-up businesses; they have an idea and mold it into something great whether big or small. Entrepreneurs find solutions to problems and are always searching for innovative ways in which they can do and make things better. They are passionate about what they do and incorporate their values into their business idea. Entrepreneurs challenge the status-quo and are not just satisfied with the ‘norm’.

  • Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to fail.

Failure should be viewed as a learning curve and not as an end of the road. Whether it’s small bumps on the road ahead or if you have reached a road block and have to turn back, it’s not the journey that counts, its result once you have reached your destination. Innovation comes from mistakes once you acknowledge, take responsibility and then find a solution or alternative.

  • Resources ≠ money.

Entrepreneurs don’t need money to start a business, they need people. With people comes money and other invaluable resources. As an entrepreneur, networks are the most vital resource you will have. People have knowledge, expertise and the ‘know how’ to get things done. People know other people that can help you. Entrepreneurs are resourceful. You may even know people who can help you for free so use this to your advantage especially during start-up when capital is scarce.

Every entrepreneur will face different challenges and opportunities but what makes them different is that they just get on with it.


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